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Tips on planning a fashion shoot

June 24, 2018

Aruku: Blue backpack landscape thumbnail

Aruku - Blue backpack landscape


So if you follow our Instagram you may have noticed that last weekend was a pretty special one for us. After over a year (from starting to think about launching our backpack business), we finally had our first photoshoot featuring our final backpacks.

For anyone going through the same journey as us here are the key challenges with planning a photoshoot:

  1. Finding a photographer – photographers are expensive and most start ups are on a shoe string budget so be inventive. We worked with a fantastic photographer who has just moved into fashion photography so was keen to boost his portfolio. Photography students or semi-professional Instagram photographers can also be more affordable. Whoever you find make sure you like their style and that they listen to what you want.
  2. The brief – write a clear brief for your photographer proving examples of styles, locations and colours. This makes it much more likely you’re final shots will be exactly how you imagined.
  3. The model – Modelling agencies can also be very expensive but there’s a wealth of talent out there if you know where to find it – Instagram is a good place to source up and coming models who will be willing to charge less to get some good shots with a professional photographer. As with the photographer make sure you give them a clear direction on style before the shoot.
  4. Hair & make-up – most models will be comfortable doing this themselves – never be afraid to ask.
  5. Wardrobe – Choose styles that suit the build and colouring of your model. Send them a ‘look book’ and ask if they have any clothes that fit that styling and if they’ll be prepared to use them. And of course shop the sales but make sure you can return any unused items.
  6. Site recce – Google street view is a great place to start, but make sure you also visit your locations (ideally with your photographer) before the shoot day. Think about how you’ll use backdrops, how to make your product stand out, and what the location says about your product.
  7. Call sheet – a call sheet should include your schedule for the day with all the relevant details. Thinking about timings for each location, outfits, type and number of shots per location, contact details, breaks and any other detail you can think of. Share this with everyone involved prior to the shoot day.
  8. Take your own photos – And last but not least don’t forgot to take your own photos from the shoot as these can be great social content

And above all else don’t forget to enjoy it. Every step of your start up journey will have it’s delights and it’s challenges but seeing the first professional shots of your product is a truly magical moment and one to be treasured. So remember to take a breath and enjoy it!

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