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Cosmopolitan Self Made Summit

April 23, 2018

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Starting a business is an emotional roller coaster. The trepidation and fear as you take that first step, the excitement when you get your first sample, or hit your first 100 followers on Instagram. The disappointment when your launch date gets delayed not once, not twice, but three or four times. Followed by the joy when you get your first celebrity endorsement or a stranger tells you they love your bag on your way to work.

Several weeks ago, I was struggling to motivate myself to work on the business (and trust me you have to be really motivated when you also have a full-time job). The frustration of all the delays was taking its toll and the essential but incredibly time-consuming manufacturing contracts were a draining task.

I’ve no doubt everyone who ever has or will, set up a business will have these highs and lows. And I’m sure there’s a hundred quotes that tell you that what makes you a stronger person, is coming out the other side of difficult times. But I can guarantee it’s easier said than done. My remedy…well to be honest I got lucky.

Purely by chance my malaise coincided with the Cosmopolitan Self Made Summit, which I had booked tickets too several weeks previously. Tired, drained and fed up with Sunday bus replacements, I made my way up to London purely because I had spent a fair bit of cash on a ticket. And fortunately for me the event was the tonic I needed.

Celebrity interviews that were honest, interesting and entertaining, networking sessions with like-minded women, classes with PR advisors and successful entrepreneurs, pitching to the inspiration Farrah Storr (Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief), Rohan Silva and Vicky Simmons and even a free manicure!

The feedback on our backpacks from both celebrities, members of the Cosmopolitan team and other founders was so positive and it made the last few months of late nights and early morning really worthwhile.

But for me the highlight was the hundreds of like-minded women that I got to meet, all of whom were open, honest, friendly and incredibly motivating. There was no hard-selling, no pretentiousness, no awkwardness and no competitiveness – just a sense of community and willingness to help each other. And it made me realise that the best solution for entrepreneurial anxiety is to sign up to a women’s networking event and get out there and meet like-minded people.


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