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The first steps to making your start-up dream a reality

February 17, 2018

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The word start-up doesn’t sound intimidating does it? Especially not in this day and age when ‘anyone’ can launch a company. But I’m not anyone. I’m cautious and sensible and the thought of starting my own business is terrifying.

So for anyone else at this stage of the journey the best piece of advice I can give you is to tell people. Discuss it with friends and family. Some people may urge caution, but most people are encouraging and supportive and everyone has hidden skills or knows someone who might be able to help. So it not only gives you confidence but also helps to build a support network.

Plus, once you’ve told people you’re doing something its much harder to not do it. You’ve verbally made a commitment which feels more binding than a mental commitment.

So tell people. And then do it!

And once you start telling people this naturally leads you into the world of networking. And I don’t mean the old-boys networking of years gone by. Networking comes in so many different shapes and forms and can be tailored to fit your personality. A few options I’d recommend below:

Eventbrite  A great place to find networking events or talks relevant to your industry.

The Budding Entrepreneur  Great selection of talks from successful entrepreneurs which always contain useful nuggets of advice.

Womens Chapter  Events are irregular but feature some great panellists.

Blooming Founders Events – A range of interviews with inspirational female entrepreneurs.

And if you don’t live in a city and so struggle to attend face-to-face events dating app Bumble launched their business networking app last year.  

And finally, one I haven’t attended yet but have my eye on for this year. The Cosmopolitan Self Made Summit which has a range of speakers, workshops and if that’s not enough the ever enduring temptation of a goody bag!    

If you’re planning to attend, drop me a note on Instagram as I’d love to meet any like-minded entrepreneurs.


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