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The Name Game

March 11, 2018

Aruku - baby & company names thumbnail

Aruku - baby & company names


We’re currently choosing a name for what will be our first child. And we seem to be pretty aligned on names we like. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that choosing a name for our future daughter or son has been an easier process than choosing a name for our company.

We recently went to a talk by the brilliant founder of the Cambridge Satchel Company, Julie Deane and she chose her name in 30 minutes. Ours is a slightly longer story. And I think there’s several good reasons for this.

Firstly, when you choose a name for your child you only really need to please two people. A pretty easily accomplished task. With a company name on the other hand, you are trying to appeal to a whole target market – whether it be female or male, old or young, the sensible or the frivolous – you’re essentially trying to appeal to the masses. And that’s a much harder ask.

You don’t want it to sound too serious (we’re not a bank) but you want it to sound strong (because we are for strong, independent women). You want it to be easily pronounceable. You want it to have meaning. You want it to be long enough to be interesting, but short enough to be memorable. There are a hundred different factors that come into play, all making the end decision more difficult.

And even once you’ve accomplished all the above there’s more obstacles thrown in your path. Is the URL available? Is the Instagram handle available? Is it SEO friendly (which basically means when you type it into Google how far down the list will you come). And last but not least, is it copyright in the UK? Or Europe? Or worldwide (because we’re dreaming big)?

All hugely important factors if you want your customers to easily find your online store or your Instagram page, as well as giving your brand memorability amongst the many others fighting for their attention every day.

So why Aruku (pronounced A-roo-koo)?

Well there’s the obvious reasons. No copyright. An available URL. A little unusual so hopefully memorable, but not so obscure that you can’t spell it. And a few more personal reasons. Aruku is a Japanese word that means ‘to walk’ and as we were in Japan when we decided that we were going to launch our own company, there’s the sentimental reason.

But most importantly it represented the freedom we want our backpacks to give women. The combination of work smart, comfort, practicality and beauty that our backpacks provide, will make it easier for us to live our lives on the move, without compromise or discomfort. And for us, Aruku summed that up perfectly.

So Aruku it is. We hope you like it as much as we do.

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