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Story of a start-up

February 03, 2018

Aruku founder on gorge swing

Aruku founder on gorge swing

I’ve never written a blog before. In fact, I haven’t written anything from a personal perspective since I gave up my diary aged 10.

So it is with trepidation I commence this new journey into both business and writing. If you’re going to jump, you may as well do it with both feet right…? 

(I confess that in both instances I may have been given a little push in the right direction).

So this is the story of that journey…from the inklings of an idea to a successful global brand. Well that’s the aim anyway. And to take a few of you along for the ride. Why us you ask…? Well to be truthful there are 3 reasons:

  1. To gain some invaluable advice along the way – we want you to input into our story
  2. To create a following for our brand from day one (selfish we know but we believe in being transparent)
  3. And, no matter the outcome for us, to provide guidance for all the start ups that are yet to come (either through our success or our mistakes)

So if you are interested in starting your own company, have already done so, or just like the idea of being part of the process please follow my blog. I’ll be telling you more about the idea, the journey and our successes and failures as the week’s progress.


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