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It really is good to talk

April 02, 2018

Aruku: networking image thumbnail

Aruku: networking image


Despite some of my younger colleagues disagreeing with me, I am in fact a millennial (only just but I’m still counting it). And as a millennial I have a tendency to rely on the internet for information. It’s at my fingertips, it has everything from expert opinions to insightful novices. It offers pictorial, video and written options, and most importantly I don’t have to leave the comfort of my living room on a rainy Easter weekend and I can still fill my brain with an abundance of knowledge from the entirely useless to the invaluable.

However, if I’ve learnt anything over the last 6 months it’s that the internet definitely has its limitations. Because although it’s provided me with ready-made contracts, material suppliers, design inspiration and a plethora of additional useful information, the most important part of being an entrepreneur is networking. I know I’ve already touched on the importance of this, but the more we progress, the more I understand the value of networking.

For example, I have a full-time job at a fantastic marketing agency who are aware of my entrepreneurial ambitions and are incredibly supportive. Through talking to work colleagues about our brand and our ambitions I have been lucky enough to meet an experienced retail consultant who has generously given up her time to meet us and offer her thoughts on the products.

In another instance I was sharing a taxi with some colleagues from another agency and in that 10-minute journey found a like-minded female entrepreneur who invited us to speak at a relevant event and is interested in working together in the future (which we’re extremely excited about).

In a third instance, a friend of a friend I was talking to on a night out has another friend who has a large (and relevant) Instagram following. And although it might seem like a distant connection people are always keen to help whether it be a phone call, a meeting or just a note to someone else who may be able to help. I could go on with many more examples but you get the idea.

The people you meet on this journey will be those who will make the biggest difference to the success of your brand. So keep spreading the word about what you’re doing and most importantly never turn down an invitation to meet someone no matter how tenuously connected they are to your world. The generosity and willingness of friends, family, colleagues and even strangers to help us build our brand has been an incredibly uplifting experience and one we will always be grateful for.


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