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Getting the gist, of a start-up list

February 24, 2018

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After getting slightly side-tracked last week and going into pep talk mode, we’re back on our start-up journey this week. And we’ve been making good progress.

Ticked off our list to date:

  1. Logo design: the fun part. We’re keeping it simple because all our favourite logos are. We’re lucky that we work in the marketing business and we have some fantastic friends who helped design our Aruku logo (thank you to the hugely talented Sam Knight).
  2. The financials: less fun but essential nonetheless. Bust out the spreadsheet and work out what money you have to invest and what you think you’ll need to make your idea work from production to marketing to legals and beyond. Workspace have created a great checklist:
  3. Setting up the company: we’d recommend advice from a lawyer or accountant as this is a minefield if you’ve not done it before. Accountants can be worth their weight in gold as they’ll know how to save you money by navigating you through VAT, import and export taxes and a wealth of over financial challenges.
  4. Trademarking your logo: if you’ve got big ambitions this may be global, or you can stick to UK or EU only. Either way its important if you want to protect your brand name as your company grows.
  5. Product samples: depending on your company, product samples may be the most time-consuming process of all. The chances of getting it right first time are slim and there’s always hold ups (watch out for Chinese New Year and the August summer break in Europe) so allow plenty of time for updates and amends.

Well to be honest…the above took much longer than we thought!

In fact, everything takes a little longer than you think, so bear that in mind with your timings (and money). We’re hoping to have our first range of backpacks on the market by April but we know it will depend on what new challenges are thrown in our path and we may have to adapt as we continue on our journey. Because we’d rather this stage take a few months longer and we create a product that hopefully you'll love as much as we do.

And that’s it for today. Because I’ve just realised how long my to do list is.


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