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25 reasons you need our bag in your life…

June 03, 2018

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Aruku: Essentials for a women's bag

This isn’t a sales pitch. Well maybe it is a little, but it’s an entertaining one so please stay with us. As part of our research into creating the perfect bag for the woman of today (when comfort and practicality is as important as style) we delved into the essentials (and perhaps non-essentials) that women carry around in their handbags. It’s a surprisingly long list but we think worth a read – how many could you live without?


  1. Mobile Phone - obviously
  2. Keys - probably with at least 3 keyrings to a) make them easier to find and b) who doesn’t love a keyring
  3. Make up bag - we only need a few essentials  
  4. Purse/wallet - with 8 loyalty cards, 3 credit cards, a drivers license in the hope we still get ID’d and a few gift cards which we’ve nearly used up
  5. Change - yes we still carry change in our purses. Those lockers at the swimming pool don’t accept contactless yet
  6. Snacks - we get angry when we’re hungry. We’re doing this for the benefit of all those around us, because we’re selfless
  7. Handcream - for us, and for the men in our lives who want soft skin too
  8. Lipbalm - Because if you were a teenager in the nineties its just what you did and it’s a hard habit to grow out of
  9. Nail file - getting into a tube of smarties can be damaging
  10. Receipts - because no-one has time to clear out their bag every month
  11. Pen - for when you’ve left posting your Mum’s birthday card to the last minute (at least you remembered)
  12. Deodorant (and maybe dry shampoo) - because no-one has time to go home and get changed before a night out anymore
  13. Business cards - networking can happen anywhere
  14. Tissues - 100% essential if you travel on the tube – take note all commuters
  15. Hair bands - just in case we make an unexpected trip to the gym (it may happen one day)
  16. Tampons - for obvious reasons
  17. Water bottle - because TFL tells us to
  18. Hairbrush - this artful mess takes a lot of work to get right
  19. Plasters - new shoes rub. Fact
  20. Mints - for when they hide some raw onion in my lunchtime Burrito


  1. Sunglasses - because us Brits are always optimistic
  2. Diary - it’s been hard to let go but now our phone can do the job this may have to be sacrificed
  3. Safety pins - God knows why but we normally do (maybe from our girl guides days)
  4. A USB - I really have no idea on this one but we do
  5. Spare shoes - for when the blisters on those new shoes start to bleed

We've just tested the above and we've manged to fit these all in to one of our backpacks, plus a laptop and a kindle and there's still room for some gym clothes. And now I'm feeling guilty for not going to the gym this week.

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